The full programme is dedicated to all historically interested people. It represents the climax of the celebrations on the occasion of the end of WW II.

The programme starts on Friday morning with a tour of historical military vehicles through Králíky and the neighbouring villages. In the afternoon it continues with a public rehearsal of the main programme. In the late afternoon the cultural programme takes place in the town center.

On Saturday from 10.00 to 17.00 the main programme for the public is presented on the area at the military museum and the infantry block K - S 14 "U cihelny".

The leitmotif of the presentations in even years is: "They wanted to defend freedom…". It reminds of the mobilization of the Czechoslovakian forces in September 1938, their willingness of defense against Hitler's aggressiveness, and the humiliating abandonment of the constructed fortification lines and defense positions, which was ordered by the government because of the pressure of the former allies (France and Great Britain). Presented are clashes of the armed forces with groups of Sudetenland guerilla ("So it had happened then…") followed by a factitious development in case of a refusal of the conditions of the four-power conference of Munich in September 1938. The visitors will see the fight for the installations of the Czechoslovakian fortification line ("So it could have been…").

The leitmotif of the presentations in the uneven years is: "The difficult way to freedom…". It reminds of the bloody struggle for liberation on Czechoslovakian territory at the end of WW II. Apparently paradoxical the units of the German army could reactivate the combat installations of the former Czechoslovakian fortification line and integrate them into the deeply structured defense north of the towns of Opava (Troppau) and Ostrava (Mährisch Ostrau). Finally the breakthrough was achieved under heavy personal and material losses by Soviet and Czechoslovakian soldiers.

These combat demonstrations are completed by static exhibits of historical and current military technique from collections of different museums and private collectors. Furthermore the visitors can watch dynamic performances of historical military technique, units, and camps presented by several military-historical clubs.

Traditionally a wide scope is dedicated to presentations of the western front in 1944 - the clashes of the allied heads with the German army under the leitmotif: "On the way into the Reich…".

Examples of activities of the integrated rescue system (disaster control), detention service, police of the Czech Republic, and the customs also belong to the programme.

Within the framework of the performance all military-historical displays in the fortification installations of the Králíky area of the years 1936 - 1938 can be visited from Friday to Sunday. A shuttle bus runs from Králíky to the fortification museums in the Králíky area.

The performance CIHELNA presents an immense concentration of historical and modern military technique, weapons, uniforms, equipment, and publically accessible fortification installations of the years 1936 - 1938 - it is a fabulous show.