Místo konání

The main programme takes place on a site in the near of the military museum of Králíky between the infantry block K - S 14 "U cihelny" and the hill where the artillery fortification Hurka (mountain hill) was built in the years 1936 - 1938. The country road Králíky - Prostřední Lipka, which remains blocked during the performance, runs through this area. Close to this road a walk marked in red leads from the center of the town (square "Velké Náměstí") to Prostrední Lipka. The northern side of the demonstration site touches the railroad Dolní Lipka - Hanušovice, which has a station at Prostřední Lipka. The accompanying cultural programme takes place at the square Velké Náměstí. Further activities can be found in different combat installation museums of the fortified line between the villages of Dolní Morava and České Petrovice (the so called fortification area of Grulich - details can be found under www.kpo1938.com).


Prague - Hradec Králové - Vamberk - Žamberk - Jablonné nad Orlicí (at the hill Suchý Vrch is a parking site with the shortest way to the fortification Bouda) - Králíky;

Brno - Svitavy - Lanškroun - Štíty - Červená Voda (here is a turn-off to Suchý Vrch) - Králíky;

Ostrava - Opava - Bruntál - Rýmařov - Šumperk - Bludov - Červená Voda (here is a turn-off to Suchý Vrch) - Králíky;

Visitor parking sites are organized during the performance (Saturday) at the entry roads into Králíky. The performance area is not accessible with your own vehicle, so you need 5 to 20 minutes on foot.